Baker Botts’ Intellectual Property lawyers work with clients to develop, manage and protect valuable proprietary technology and related intellectual property assets. We are experienced in all aspects of technology sales, acquisition, licensing and other arrangements that help maximize the value of our clients’ innovations. We routinely assist with complex problems when clients encounter issues that mix intellectual property law with commercial transactions. Because we understand the technologies involved in our clients’ assets, we are able to use our transactional know-how to develop strategies that create or add value to our clients’ portfolios.

We handle the full spectrum of licensing: from traditional patent, copyright and trademark license agreements to complex multiparty technology development, acquisition, distribution, research and outsourcing agreements for products and services in the United States and abroad. In addition to substantial experience in litigating intellectual property matters, we work with our clients to develop business approaches to increase the value of their intellectual property and generate significant revenue.

At Baker Botts, we often handle licensing programs where the goal is to enhance financial returns on intellectual property assets. We help clients establish licensing programs, including identifying key intellectual property assets and potential infringers. Once they are put in place, we actively manage these programs, negotiate licenses and undertake litigation as appropriate. Our lawyers are skilled in planning, organizing and implementing long-range licensing programs involving numerous companies and large dollar amounts. Such programs can often be realized with little or no litigation.

Our Intellectual Property lawyers have the technical and business acumen to advise whenever intellectual property assets are part of business transactions. Whether the matter involves a single transaction or is part of much larger deal, we can structure solutions to meet the client’s objectives. For example, we can develop form contracts to document recurring transactions, provide tailored agreements for high-value projects, and negotiate development, acquisition, distribution, research, outsourcing and other agreements with third parties.

Baker Botts lawyers are also proficient at conducting intellectual property due diligence investigations in mergers and acquisitions for clients in all areas of technology. We are as comfortable working on behalf of an acquisition target—to assist an acquirer in performing its intellectual property due diligence with respect to the target—as we are conducting intellectual property due diligence of an acquisition target on behalf of an acquirer. Whenever intellectual property assets are developed, acquired, sold or shared, Baker Botts Intellectual Property lawyers have the technical and business experience to help with the transaction.