The global marketplace presents numerous complex strategic and legal challenges for the manufacturing industry. Whether a company is siting a facility in another country, has a product with significant environmental impact issues or is navigating the various asset-lending options they have for their operation, Baker Botts has the experience to assist in the process.

Our firm represents numerous Fortune 500 and Global 500 manufacturing firms, covering a wide spectrum of industry sectors ranging from manufacturers of consumer goods and industrial products, to firms in the telecommunications, chemical, steel, electronics, forest and paper products, and pharmaceutical industries and numerous other manufacturing sectors.

These firms frequently confront issues that require advice covering a broad array of legal disciplines, including:

For example, the siting and development of a typical new manufacturing facility can involve multiple agreements covering local and state incentives, utilities, rail transportation, labor, workforce training, real estate lease or purchase, environmental considerations, supplier relationships, parent-subsidiary support, joint venture, purchase and sale, engineering, procurement and construction. Our firm has extensive experience across this entire range of legal specialties, so we are well-equipped to advise manufacturers about these complex matters. 

Baker Botts offers a comprehensive approach for managing the myriad legal, strategic and technical challenges confronting manufacturing firms. Our lawyers have substantial familiarity with our clients’ individual industrial operations and their role and importance within the relevant market sectors, and we take the time to gain key insights into each client’s corporate culture and management approach.

Based on this knowledge, we can offer targeted guidance and advice for addressing virtually any legal problem that may arise, with a particular focus on the individual needs of each manufacturing firm. Through this approach we also can appropriately deploy our extensive team of lawyers to assist with our clients’ specific objectives, whether this requires mounting the defense to a new set of product liability claims, or providing advice and assistance on project financings, corporate governance, regulatory compliance, commercial litigation or plant expansions.

In essence, Baker Botts lawyers have a deep understanding of the industries we serve. This knowledge provides us with the ability to deliver better solutions in a timely and effective manner.