Careers at Baker Botts


The firm has a two-tiered formal mentoring program designed to help develop and support successful lawyers. This program is not intended to replace informal mentoring relationships that associates develop as they work with other lawyers, but to supplement them. Associates are assigned both (a) a Partner Mentor from their department and (b) an Associate Mentoring Circle.

Mentoring Program Goals

An effective mentoring program must provide an associate with a framework within which to develop. The overall goal of the firm's mentoring program is to foster relationships that will help you feel comfortable seeking guidance and input from your mentors, accelerating professional growth and connection to the firm. By establishing a secure line of communication, the specific goals of the Mentoring Program are to (1) assist in the acclimation of each associate to the firm and department, and (2) assist local and firmwide departmental management in (a) monitoring and balancing associate workload, (b) providing guidance and direction on specific training and professional development opportunities, and (c) ensuring that each associate receives regular and effective performance feedback.

Partner Mentors

The mentor’s roles include the following:

  • Scheduling a regular meeting
  • Monitoring associate hours and assignments
  • Monitoring amount and level of feedback
  • Assisting mentee in defining and achieving career development goals

Associate mentees are also expected to take an active role in the mentoring relationship, including in the following ways:

  • Taking ownership of individual career development
  • Formulating goals and sharing with mentor
  • Sharing hours and experiences with mentor
  • Sharing any feedback received with mentor

Associate Mentoring Circles

Associate Mentoring Circles consist of associates at various experience levels and from various departments, in recognition of the fact that each member of the circle brings to the table his/her own unique set of experiences, skills, and perspectives and can contribute to the development of the other members.