Matthew L. Kuryla

Section Chair - Environmental Safety & Incident Response - Houston Partner

Matthew Kuryla Photo


P: +1.713.229.1114
F: +1.713.229.2714

Matt Kuryla has enjoyed over 25 years of environmental law practice, building agency relationships of trust, exercising sound judgment and supplying creative energy to his clients most challenging environmental issues.

Mr. Kuryla has helped his clients be strategic in pursuing their objectives in several high-profile environmental rulemakings, enforcement initiatives, transactions and permit proceedings. He conducts multi-client litigation and rulemaking through the Texas Industry Project (TIP), the BCCA Appeal Group (BCCA), the Texas MSS Working Group and the 8-Hour Ozone Coalition. Through client groups, Mr. Kuryla applies innovative legal and technical strategies to expand the options for new regulatory initiatives. He applies the same approach to agency enforcement proceedings and citizen suits, utilizing all relevant scientific, policy and legal tools to advance the client's goals.  He counsels clients in environmental crises, including criminal investigations, explosions and releases, helping clients build and strengthen agency relationships of trust while managing the challenges of a corporate crisis.