Rick Boulin

Chief Information Officer

Rick Boulin

Washington, D.C.

P: +1.202.639.7911
F: +1.202.639.1169
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Rick Boulin is the Chief Information Officer at Baker Botts. He is responsible for the technology landscape of the firm, including all PCs, servers, networks, applications and information security. He is also tasked with ensuring that the firm's technology offering supports the growth agenda of the leadership team's strategy.

Rick has extensive experience in information technology management, strategy, purchasing, staff management and diversity and inclusion. Rick works closely with firm leadership to tailor technology platforms to meet the requirements of lawyers and their clients. He also protects the firm's information as well as that of clients, ensuring that the proper risk mitigation approaches are in place.

Rick has been with Baker Botts for six years and has 35 years of experience in the information technology field. Prior to joining the firm, Rick was the Federal CIO for PwC in Washington, D.C. He also served as the CIO of Booz & Company and was a director and principal at Booz|Allen|Hamilton. He has extensive experience in building corporate digital infrastructures, whether starting from scratch (Booz&Co) or improving and streamlining existing systems (BAH, PwC). Given his background in consulting, Rick has developed experience in mobility and security and modern approaches like cloud computing and SaSS that emphasize efficiency and cost savings.

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