Travis W. Thomas

Department Chair - Intellectual Property (Palo Alto) Partner

Travis Thomas Photo

Palo Alto

P: +1.650.739.7503 F: +1.650.739.7603

Travis Thomas has extensive experience in the development, management and monetization of patent portfolios for both large, established public companies and small start-up ventures. He also has extensive experience in pre-litigation disputes involving patents; patent and trade-secret litigation; the evaluation of patent portfolios owned by potential acquisition targets; and the negotiation of technology licenses and other agreements involving a wide variety of intellectual property rights.

Mr. Thomas has worked on patent and trade secret disputes and drafted and prosecuted hundreds of patent applications covering switching and routing systems, optical communication systems, wireless and mobile communication systems, speech encoding, passive RF communications systems, packet and circuit switched networks, IP telephony, analog and digital circuit design and fabrication, circuit verification, and SRAM design. His technological experience also encompasses RFID systems, satellite communications and guidance systems, computational chemistry, web search algorithms and engines, software supporting web applications, e-commerce, database management, workflow management, supply-chain planning and sensor networks.