Bryant C. Boren, Jr.

Department Chair - Litigation (Palo Alto) & Practice Group Chair - IP/Technology Litigation (Firmwide) Partner

BC Boren Photo

Palo Alto

P: +1.650.739.7501 F: +1.650.739.7601

B.C. Boren was a founding partner and former partner in charge of the firm’s Palo Alto office. He is a trial lawyer who has tried virtually every kind of civil case. Mr. Boren handles a broad array of intellectual property disputes, including patent, copyright and trademark infringement matters, as well as cases involving software licenses and the misappropriation of trade secrets. He is well-versed in most widely-used operating systems and hardware platforms and has experience programming in several computer languages.

Mr. Boren has been actively involved in computer, software and telecommunications litigation since the early 1980s. He has represented clients in matters relating to Internet-based advertising, neurostimulation devices, videoconferencing hardware and software, microprocessor architectures, mainframe and minicomputer-based software and systems, data processing outsourcing, jet fighter avionics software, database design, digital signal processors, computer network security, digital and analog answering devices, PBX architecture, telecommunications switching hardware and software, a wide range of telecommunications products and services (including voice, data and third-party service provisioning), store and forward technology, automated long-distance service, browser-based mainframe terminal emulation systems, automated teller machines, electronic funds transfers and a number of microcomputer hardware and software systems.

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