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The Role of CCAs in the Current Procurement Landscape

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Dino Barajas will serve as Moderator at the California Clean Energy Procurement Summit

Panel Summary:

CCAs are now a permanent feature of the energy landscape in California with many of them sourcing and siting renewables and storage projects to the tune of almost 3,000 MW of clean energy supplies in the last year alone. CCAs have also pushed forward on addressing energy equity by aiming to provide affordable clean energy to underserved communities and provide opportunities for local projects to prosper in the market. However, CCAs continue to experience procurement challenges, making it difficult to effectively procure for the long term. This panel will discuss these challenges including:

  • What are the challenges around financing and supplying CCA projects?
  • Has procuring via JPA aiding CCAs get long-term contracts off the ground? Are there continuing opportunities for these types of partnerships?
  • As VPPs managed by CCAs have become more and more common, are they effectively helping to reduce strain on the grid?
  • Given the success of the community solar business model, is community storage next?
  • What new procurements from CCA's are underway?

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