Danny G. Worrell

Senior Counsel

Danny Worrell


P: +1.512.322.2661
F: +1.512.322.8361

Danny Worrell helps companies with environmental permits, compliance with environmental laws and in environmental cases and investigations. Many of his clients are manufacturers, but he has counseled a wide variety of companies facing environmental issues, working with them on project development and in many other ways to minimize their environmental liability.

Before practicing law, Danny worked as a geologist for ARCO Oil and Gas. As a result, he brings a technical understanding of environmental issues to his practice. More importantly, he has an appreciation for the importance of finishing projects on time, and approaches issues with an eye toward the company's bottom line and business goals.

Environmental matters are often complicated; Danny brings a meticulous, detailed approach to them. He is often able to devise creative courses of action in situations that do not appear to have good options.

He is familiar with, and uses, many different legal strategies for limiting a company's environmental liability exposure. Danny's counsel runs the gamut, from helping companies before problems arise (obtaining permits, conducting audits, and creating compliance programs) to representing them once they do (defending companies in large multi-party lawsuits and proceedings before regulatory agencies). He is also very experienced in regulatory counseling, particularly on air quality and waste management issues, and in representing companies in highly contested permitting and enforcement proceedings.