Karthik Kovi Subramanian

Senior Technical Advisor


P: +1.713.229.1244
F: +1.713.229.2844
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Karthik Kovi Subramanian has extensive experience drafting and prosecuting patent applications in a wide variety of electrical, electronics, and software arts. He has procured patents for clients ranging from individual inventors to large corporations. Mr. Subramanian's patent prosecution experience covers the areas of wireless communication, computer networks, sound processing and rendering, electrical and electronic circuits, integrated circuit designs and layouts, medical devices and computer software including enterprise software, financial services, graphical user interfaces, web applications, and other consumer software.

Mr. Subramanian is registered to practice before the United States Patent and Trademark Office and has over 15 years of patent preparation and prosecution experience. Prior to joining the Intellectual Property team at Baker Botts, he worked as a patent agent for about ten years with a boutique patent firm with seven offices across the United States. Prior to that, he worked for about three years as a Senior Intellectual Property Consultant at the Bangalore, India development facility of SAP Labs which is a German multinational software corporation that makes enterprise software to manage business operations and customer relations. At SAP Labs, Mr. Subramanian coordinated with engineering teams and in-house counsels to develop patent strategies, analyzed invention disclosures and made filing decisions, and supervised SAP's foreign patent application filings and prosecution, in addition to preparing and prosecuting SAP's U.S. applications. Mr. Subramanian is also registered to practice before the Indian Patent Office and has worked as a patent agent for about two years with a boutique patent firm in New Delhi, India.

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