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Kevin Meek


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Kevin Meek has broad experience in patent litigation, prosecution and licensing. He also handles a variety of corporate transactions centering on technology transfers and intellectual property rights. Mr. Meek has litigated disputes involving intellectual property rights in a wide variety of advanced technologies in federal courts across the country, in the International Trade Commission and in post grant proceedings before the U.S. Patent Office.

In federal courts in Texas and across the country, Mr. Meek litigates patent and trade secret disputes involving a wide range of technologies, from simple consumer products to the most complex software, semiconductor and telecommunications applications. He represents both companies seeking to enforce their intellectual property rights and those accused of infringement.

Mr. Meek prepares and prosecutes patent applications covering a broad spectrum of inventions, including semiconductors and integrated circuits, telecommunications systems, and mainframe, midrange and minicomputer-based software, as well as a wide variety of mechanical and industrial devices. He also does transactional work in the high-tech sector, particularly software licensing, patent enforcement and other corporate transactions involving the perfection, valuation, or transfer of technology assets.

In the biotechnology arena, Mr. Meek has been very active over the years.  He has been involved in prosecution and licensing efforts in implantable devices, orthopedic devices, and dental devices.  He has also represented companies that deal in gene therapies, genetic diagnostics and chemistries and systems used to support such therapeutic and diagnostic applications.

While he was at Texas A&M, Mr. Meek researched the chemical and electrical aspects of semiconductor device processing, and studied crystallography and chemical and laser processing of semiconductor materials.

Mr. Meek is a frequent speaker on patent, copyright and trademark law. He has spoken and published papers on a range of intellectual property topics, including developments in copyrights, enforcement of patents and copyrights in software, patentability of software and other computer-related inventions, trademarks in the advertising industry and licensing and intellectual property principles for entrepreneurs.

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