Jacob McDonald


Jacob McDonald


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Jacob McDonald works on intellectual property matters, including patents, trademarks, and trade secrets. His experience includes patent prosecution, litigation, and intellectual property licensing. A registered patent attorney, Mr. McDonald has prepared and prosecuted patent applications relating to computer graphics, digital devices, cellular networks, mechanical hardware, seismic surveying, multi-factor authentication, and electronic payment systems. He has also helped clients challenge patents in inter partes review proceedings before the Patent Trial & Appeal Board.

Mr. McDonald practices in all aspects of patent litigation, including pleadings, pretrial discovery, infringement and validity analyses, claim construction, motion practice, damages, and trial. Mr. McDonald has worked on litigation matters relating to semiconductor fabrication, cellular & WiFi networks, wireless devices, computer architecture, oil well perforation, and web-based content delivery. Mr. McDonald also provides general counseling on intellectual property issues, helping clients develop their intellectual property assets and minimize litigation exposure.

Before becoming a lawyer, Mr. McDonald worked as a design engineer and project manager at Raytheon Company and Sandia National Laboratories. During Mr. McDonald's time at Raytheon, he designed radiofrequency circuits for satellite communications and air-to-air radar systems. At Sandia, Mr. McDonald researched treatments to reduce the radar cross section of wind turbines, led teams delivering antenna systems for nuclear weapons, and designed and tested wireless systems for diverse applications, including synthetic aperture radar, nuclear fuzing, signals intelligence, and tracking, tagging, and locating. Mr. McDonald has contributed to electronic systems fielded on satellites, unmanned aerial vehicles, combat aircraft, and nuclear munitions and reentry vehicles. Mr. McDonald holds four patents relating to wireless devices.

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