Roger Fulghum

Department Chair - Intellectual Property (Austin) Partner

Roger Fulghum


P: +1.713.229.1707
F: +1.713.229.2707


P: +1.512.322.2617

Roger Fulghum has represented clients in patent and trade secret disputes in federal and state courts, and Mr. Fulghum's previous representations have concerned computer systems, software, web sites, electrical circuits, telecommunications systems, semiconductors, hard disk drives, digital video recorders, mobile phones, MP3 players, DVD players, tablets, webcams, audio compression, televisions, motorcycle helmets, firearms, golfing equipment, payphones, seismic acquisition equipment and oil and gas production equipment.

Mr. Fulghum has prepared and prosecuted hundreds of patent applications before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, including patent applications directed to software, computer systems, storage networks, e-commerce, drilling equipment, semiconductors, valves, golfing equipment, window coverings and vending machines.

Mr. Fulghum has advised clients on the ownership, infringement and licensing of intellectual property, including the preparation of opinions on validity and infringement issues and drafting of intellectual property agreements for transactions. He also has advised on matters relating to competitor confidentiality and employer-employee confidentiality.

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