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The Vienna Forum on European Energy Law Hors Série   

Solidarity and Energy Law and Policy – a closer look at the AG ‘s Opinion on the OPAL case 


Speeches & Presentations
Baker Botts Senior Advisor, Leigh Hancher, participated as a moderator in the Vienna Forum on European Energy Law series on 20 May 2021 at 15:30 - 17:00 (CET)
The session focused on the Solidarity and Energy Law and Policy – and the CJEU's Advocate General opinion on the OPAL case. Questions addressed included - Solidarity in the European Union’s energy policy - not just a political guideline but a justiciable principle of EU primary law?

This is the position of the CJEU’s Advocate General who delivered his recent Opinion in Case C-848/19 P Germany v Poland. He advises the Court of Justice to uphold the General Court’s earlier ruling in Case T-883/16 Poland v Commission. Although the CJEU may not necessarily follow his advice, this Opinion raised a number of  interesting opportunities for discussion.

Other speakers included:

Introduction -  Dirk Buschle - Energy Community Secretariat; College of Europe

Kim Talus - Universities of Tulane, Eastern Finland and Helsinki

Dr Pawel Pikus - Director of Electricity & Gas Department in the Ministry of Climate and Environment of the Republic of Poland

Katja Yafimava - OIES, Oxford

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