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Considerations for a Biden Administration – Trade


We are ready to help our clients navigate the potential legal and regulatory changes that could arise under a Biden Administration, as affected by the final outcome of the U.S. Senate races, including a new focus on trade issues.

Some Trade considerations under a Biden Administration include:

  • Renewed commitment to international trade agreements with China, including relating to energy trade. Tariffs and quotas may still be used to address environmental issues, such as a “carbon adjustment fee.” Trade agreements also likely to be more multilateral.
  • Continued, and perhaps increased, interest in foreign investments by countries with national security concerns (e.g. China, Russia) into critical infrastructure involving energy assets, including transportation systems.
  • Increased implementation of new export controls on foundational and emerging technologies (including relating to energy) that passed Congress in 2018.

Baker Botts is working with clients to prepare for, and help inform, these initiatives. Learn more on how a Biden Administration will likely affect Trade, as well as Antitrust & Competition, Energy, Environmental, Safety and Incident Response, FERC, Intellectual Property, SEC Enforcement and Securities Litigation, White Collar & Corporate Investigations, and Tax:

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