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FTC v Sysco/US Foods

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Stephen Weissman published an article, "FTC v Sysco/US Foods" in Global Competition Review on November 9, 2017. This article examines the FTC v Sysco/US Foods case. Mr. Weissman breaks down the events of the case, offers key takeaways and provides an analysis. His discussion includes:

  • Market definition and the pitfalls of litigating the fix

  • The brewing storm

  • The 3-2 commission vote

  • The pretrial battles

  • The eight-day hearing

  • Week 1: the FTC makes its case

  • Week 2: the defence case

  • Key takeaways from the case

  • In litigation, documents determine outcomes

  • Litigating the fix is a risky strategy

  • Efficiencies are an afterthought in litigation

  • Conclusion

For a full copy of the article, click the title link below:
FTC v Sysco/US Foods


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