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BIG DATA Handbook: A Guide for Lawyers

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Rob Maier and Josh Sibble published the BIG DATA Handbook: A Guide for Lawyers in Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory, U.S., May 2018. Big Data and analytics technologies play a vital role in the future of commerce, and are already experiencing exponential growth. The technological changes Big Data brings to industries and the global economy will also bring challenges in law and policy. 

This handbook provides guidance for creating and implementing privacy and Intellectual Property (IP) policies, drafting data usage agreements, navigating the regulatory environment, and staying one step ahead of cyber-criminals, as well as an overview of current technology trends in the field.

The BIG DATA Handbook: A Guide for Lawyers is designed for practicing lawyers, including in-house counsel, but may also be a helpful overview for technologists and businesspeople across many industries. It provides a broad overview of the various legal implications, technical considerations, and other factors that may be important to Big Data businesses in the coming years. 

Chapters and accompanying sections of the BIG DATA Handbook: A Guide for Lawyers, include: 

Chapter 1: IP Rights
  • Patent Law
  • Trade Secrets
  • Copyright
  • Open Source Software
  • Patent Defense Approaches
  • Standard Essential Patents
  • IP Policies

Chapter 2: Technology Trends
  • Blockchain
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Biometric Data

Chapter 3: Data Privacy
  • Selected Definitions
  • Privacy Problems in Big Data
  • Potential Solutions

Chapter 4: Cybersecurity
  • Information-Security Challenges and Threats
  • Best Practices
  • Legal Issues

Chapter 5: Data Usage Agreements
  • Best Practices for DUAs

To read the BIG DATA Handbook: A Guide for Lawyers, click the title link below.
BIG DATA Handbook: A Guide for Lawyers

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