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Overcoming Adversity in Leadership: Finding Vision and Calm in the Storm

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Amy Conway-Hatcher and several prominent General Counsel published an article, “Overcoming Adversity in Leadership: Finding Vision and Calm in the Storm” in Bloomberg Law's Corporate Law & Accountability Report on December 6, 2017. Ms. Conway-Hatcher co-authored the article with Christina Ackermann, Executive Vice President and General Counsel for Valeant Pharmaceuticals International, Inc.; Anjali Chaturvedi, Assistant General Counsel for Investigations for Northrop Grumman Corporation; Lynn Haaland the SVP, Deputy General Counsel, Global Chief Compliance & Ethics Officer, and Chief Counsel, Cybersecurity for PepsiCo. Jody Porter, Vice President and Deputy General Counsel-Head of Litigation for Toyota Motor North America, Inc.

The article navigates readers through organizational crises in leadership from the perspective of those who have done so effectively with tips for CEOs, General Counsel, global practitioners and industry leaders alike. Every organization and CEO needs "anchors" during a time of crisis—people who can troubleshoot and stabilize the ship, yet who also have the vision, tenacity, fortitude, creativity and skills to identify and solve problems (without making them worse), keep teams focused and help chart a path forward. Navigating these challenges is not easy nor is there any form "checklist" or "playbook" that has all the answers. The authors of this article identify five areas that separate visionary leadership and crisis response from the pack.

1. Prepare in Advance.
2. When Faced with Challenges, Be Methodical and Keep Perspective.
3. Communicate often.  Communicate clearly.  Listen.
4. Maintain Perspective and Don’t Rush to Judgment.
5. Embrace Adversity, Be Courageous and Use Challenges as an Opportunity to Learn.

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Overcoming Adversity in Leadership: Finding Vision and Calm in the Storm

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