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President Trump and IP: Making Patents Great Again?

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Robert Maier and Jonathan Cocks published an article, “President Trump and IP: Making Patents Great Again?” in Thomson Reuters Expert Analysis on May 24, 2017. Mr. Maier and Mr. Cocks write that the Trump administration has fostered a breathtakingly fast news cycle and a policy landscape that is fraught with uncertainty. Setting aside trade, immigration and health care — issues on which Trump has made firm, repeated commitments — it is difficult to glean from the little information available exactly what policy directions this administration will take. That difficulty certainly applies with respect to Trump’s views on intellectual property. Thus far, Trump has not done much to articulate his patent policy, and many believe IP will be a low priority for his administration — even though he may have more experience with it than any president before him.

But most indicators suggest that Trump likely brings a pro-patent protection perspective to the White House — and that is good news for patent stakeholders. This article outlines the top 10 indicators of Trump’s likely pro-patent bent.

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President Trump and IP: Making Patents Great Again?

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