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Baker Botts is a globally respected law firm with offices around the world. Since 1840, we have provided the highest ethical and professional standards combined with our reach and depth of understanding of the law to help us deliver better, and more innovative solutions for our clients.

Baker Botts has a deep understanding of a broad range of issues, including many of the largest, most complex matters facing our clients. We understand the industries we work in and the issues and concerns that define those industries. As a result, we can provide innovative and effective solutions that are comprehensive to protect our clients’ business interests and flexible to respond to any emerging challenge. Because we take the time to know you and your industry, we can develop effective strategies and deliver high-value, high-quality services that respond to the ever-changing demands of an ever-changing business world.

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For over 175 years, Baker Botts has consistently delivered results-oriented services to establish us as one of the world's leading law firms. Our leadership in the profession is complemented by our tradition of leadership in government, the judiciary and our communities. Our experience is rooted in the energy, technology and life sciences sectors, and though we have many other clients in various industries, regardless of the size, sector or jurisdiction of a client, our commitment to all of them is to help achieve their business objectives.

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Baker Botts has the knowledge and skills necessary to help shape innovative, effective solutions that help our clients grow and protect their interests. We take the time to know who you are, what you do and what you want to accomplish, and focus our efforts on delivering results that are consistent with your business objectives.

Global Reach
With a presence in the Americas, Europe, Asia and the Middle East, Baker Botts delivers high-quality, highly responsive services both domestically and internationally. This broad reach enables us to help clients go wherever their industry goes – virtually any place in the world – and to respond to the challenges, minimize the risks and maximize the opportunities that are relevant to their businesses and markets.

As a result of the firm's long history of international practice, Baker Botts has developed an extensive network of correspondent counsel at the most prestigious firms in virtually all commercial centers of the world. Our relationship with these firms enables Baker Botts to provide our clients with facilities and legal capabilities on a global basis.

Lex Mundi is an international association of 160 independent, premier law firms worldwide. Our membership in this prestigious group helps us to better serve our clients by providing immediate access to many of the leading law firms around the world. Baker Botts proudly serves as the Lex Mundi firm for the state of Texas.

The Pacific Rim Advisory Council is an international law firm association with a unique strategic alliance within the global legal community providing for the exchange of professional information among its 30 top tier independent member law firms. Baker Botts proudly serves as the PRAC firm for the state of Texas.

Global Law Firm

Latin America

The firm represents Peru LNG with respect to the development and ongoing operations of the Peru LNG liquefaction project at Pampa Melchorita, launched in 2010, in Canete, Peru. The US$3.8 billion project is Peru’s first natural gas liquefaction project and the largest single private-sector project in Peru’s history.

LNG Oil and Gas The project involves the purchase of natural gas produced from upstream blocks in Peru, transportation of the natural gas via a trans-Andean pipeline to the LNG plant on Peru’s coast and the liquefaction and sale of LNG to purchasers at the LNG facility. Project financing closed for US$2.25 billion from a consortium of international lenders. 

Baker Botts has been active in several phases of the project, including: gas sales agreements; LLC project agreements and related operating and services agreements; alignment of the various project agreements; natural gas transportation agreements; LNG SPA for the entire production of the initial LNG train; purchase and sale agreements entered into with the LNG off-taker in connection with its acquisition of an interest in Peru LNG and the upstream and transportation segments of the project; and the marine services and conditions of use.

Russia & North America

Gasprom Natural Gas CaseIn a high-stakes, high-profile international dispute, Baker Botts defeated Texas-based Moncrief Oil International in its $1.37 billion dollar lawsuit alleging theft of trade secrets against firm client OAO Gazprom, the Russian-based oil and gas company. 

The dismissal ended a nearly decade-long legal chess game as the parties battled in federal court and state court. The Baker Botts team argued before a 14-member jury that the supposed trade secret was nothing more than a sales proposal and no interference occurred. The case turned on documentation, a supposed discounted cash flow analysis of the trade secret, Moncrief said was created in 2004 and proved its claim against Gazprom. The Baker Botts team discovered that photographs and cost data buried in the document were pulled from a University of Texas June 2012 article.

In a dramatic courtroom scene, Baker Botts was able to show in cross-examination that photographs and cost data buried in the document were pulled from a University of Texas June 2012 article. During the night, our team then assembled a motion for sanctions that was followed by a declaration from the author of the article confirming that the photographs and cost data did not exist earlier than June 2012. The case ended 24 hours later.


Facebook Baker Botts Baker Botts provides a wide range of IP legal services to Facebook. Since 2009, Baker Botts has been a key partner with Facebook in the development and management of Facebook’s worldwide patent portfolio, which has grown exponentially through the patenting of its own innovations and the acquisition of key patent portfolios. 

Baker Botts provides large-scale patent-strategy, patent-acquisition, and patent-prosecution services across technology areas Facebook is involved in. Impressively, Facebook was ranked 2nd overall in the Communication/Internet Services industry by IEEE Spectrum in its Patent Power Scorecards in 2013, based on a qualitative and quantitative benchmarking of its issued and pending patent portfolio. Baker Botts played a key role in this achievement for Facebook, having worked closely with Facebook for many years in all aspects of the development of its patent portfolio.