Investigations Toolkit

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Our investigations team, drawing on our years of private sector, law enforcement and in-house experience, has developed this "Investigations Toolkit" for clients and friends to help guide them through certain issues likely to arise in the context of corporate investigations. Each tool in the "Library" is intended to offer a high level overview of the topic and will link to additional resources that may be helpful. This resource toolkit will be updated regularly with topics of interest, thought leadership, webinars, forms and relevant news reports. If further detail is needed, please contact one of our team members.



Laying the Groundwork for an Effective Investigation: Initial Considerations  Threats to Privilege 
Elements of an Effective Compliance Program When a Whistleblower Calls 
Evidence Preservation: A Primer for Investigations  Employee Issues Arising in Investigations
Protecting the Privilege The Importance of an Effective Upjohn Warning
Considerations for Conducting Employee Interviews: A Primer for Investigations

External Resources

Ethical Rules

DOJ Guidance - Corporate Liability of Businesses

FCPA Guidance - DOJ & SEC

Antitrust Guidance

SEC Guidance