Environmental Coalitions

"Strong track record acting for the state’s largest industry groups in environmental agency proceedings."

Chambers USA 2021

Our Environmental Coalitions equip their members with effective tools in advocacy, as well as avenues to track new legislation, regulatory initiatives and litigation trends. In short, our coalitions work collectively towards a common goal.

BCCA Appeal Group (BCCAAG). BCCAAG is a Texas non-profit corporation that supports the common goals of clean air and a strong economy. BCCAAG is involved in several advocacy issues, including the U.S. EPA’s approval of the Texas Flexible Permits program. For more information, contact Matt Kuryla.

California Regulatory Issues Group (CalRIG). CalRIG keeps companies who operate in California up to date on the complex web of California-specific climate change, environmental and safety regulations impacting their operations. For more information, contact Julie Cress.

Class of ’85 Regulatory Response Group. The Class of ‘85 is an ad hoc coalition of electric generating companies located throughout the United States that focuses on air and climate issues affecting the industry. The group focuses on issues such as the National Ambient Air Quality Standards; National Emissions Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants for electric generating units, combustion turbines, and industrial boilers; New Source Review; New Source Performance Standard; Regional Haze; and the regulation of greenhouse gas emissions from the electric generating industry. For more information, contact Debra Jezouit.

Cross-Cutting Issues Group (CCIG). CCIG focuses primarily on water, wildlife and waste issues affecting the power sector. CCIG members are located throughout the country and own and operate a diverse portfolio of generating assets. For more information, contact Megan Berge.

Gas Infrastructure Coalition (GIC). GIC was formed to meet clients’ needs for efficient monitoring and reporting on potential natural gas bans and related issues, which are critically and increasingly important to the natural gas distribution industry. For more information, contact Megan Berge.

Texas Industry Project (TIP). TIP consists of companies in the chemical, refining, oil and gas, oilfield services, electronics, forest products, terminal, electric power, transportation and national defense industries with operations in Texas. TIP leverages its members' collective voice. For more information, contact Matt Kuryla.

Texas Issues Groups. Baker Botts administers three ad hoc multi-client groups focused on specific emerging issues uniquely affecting the regulated community in Texas. The Texas MSS Working Group was formed to respond to issues raised with the Texas rules for Maintenance, Startup and Shutdown air emissions. The 8-hour Ozone Coalition provides technical and legal support to members focused on ozone planning in Houston. The Section 185 Working Group is organized around the development and evolution of statutory penalty fee programs for failure to attain the different ozone standards in Texas. For more information, contact Matt Kuryla.


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