Hydraulic Fracturing

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Baker Botts advises on nearly every aspect of federal, state and international legislative and regulatory initiatives related to hydraulic fracturing. This includes regulatory counseling services on numerous international, federal and state proposals and appearing before international/federal/state agencies and commissions.

Baker Botts has focused on assisting clients in developing innovative, alternative regulatory approaches for addressing chemical disclosure and trade secret protection issues, such as through the use of the FracFocus website registry. In addition, Baker Botts assists clients in assessing and communicating to regulatory agencies and the public the low risk of potential impacts to human health and the environment from hydraulic fracturing operations.

We also have prepared comments on various key federal and state studies involving oil and gas drilling operations, including the U.S. Environmental Agency’s study of the potential relationship between hydraulic fracturing and drinking water resources, the Bureau of Land Management’s draft hydraulic fracturing rules and the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation’s draft Supplemental Generic Environmental Impact Statement on oil and natural gas drilling operations.


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