Strategic Air Permitting

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The success or failure of an applicant in any permit proceeding depends in large part on a mastery of the standards and procedures for permit issuance and the legal and factual arguments that may derail or delay the permit. Our firm is suited to represent clients in permit proceedings before federal and state administrative agencies, based on our substantive knowledge of permitting law and our proven track record, which focuses exclusively on the representation of applicants. Our experience in air quality regulation and permitting means that there is virtually no issue that our lawyers have not already addressed. This substantive experience means that we will be able to handle efficiently the myriad legal issues that may arise in any permit proceeding without the need to reinvent the wheel. Our preparedness translates into cost-effective service to clients, who can avoid typical traps in the permitting process.

Each significant project is analyzed up front to identify which air permits and authorizations are necessary and which of those are part of the critical path to project deadlines. The permitting strategy for any project must be closely monitored to ensure that permit proceedings are moving forward in an orderly fashion and that there is consistency among air submissions and other regulatory submissions related to the project. It is important that legal, technical and government relations representatives coordinate periodically during the permitting phase of the project to assess status and provide up to date schedule and contingency information to management.

We recognize that with the increased emphasis of regulatory agencies in public participation, it is important to develop a strategy that takes into account the involvement of affected stakeholders in the permitting process. We believe that to secure a favorable outcome depends on the integration of science and engineering, legal experience and public relations. Because of our ability to integrate all three of these areas into one cohesive solution, Baker Botts is suited to handle your permit challenges.