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UK Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme ("CJRS") - UK Government Support Reduces

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On 1 August 2021 the UK government furlough support will further reduce in the wind-down prior to the CJRS ceasing at the end of September 2021. As previously noted in our update of 9 March 2021; UK Budget 2021-Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme and Self-Employed Income Scheme employees on furlough will continue to be entitled to 80% of their capped furlough wage for time spent on furlough. However, from 1 July, employers are required to pay 10% of the capped furlough wage and the UK Government  pays 70% of the capped furlough wage. The reimbursement element reduces again from 1 August to 60%, before the CJRS ends on September 30, 2021. At present, despite lobbying, the government is not minded to extend the CJRS generally or for specific sectors such as travel and entertainment where restrictions have limited the ability to re-open and/or open and operate at full capacity.

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