Dr. Frank Zhu

Senior Associate

Frank Zhu Photo

New York

P: +1.212.408.2639
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  • Multinational digital imaging and photography company – ITC Investigations and Inter Partes Review proceedings related to magnetic recording medium technology
  • Global semiconductor manufacturing supplier – ITC investigation, multinational patent litigation, invalidity proceedings, FTO opinions, patent portfolio development, and post-acquisition due diligence analysis
  • Global health care company – due diligence analysis and Inter Partes Review proceedings related to medical devices
  • Global medical device company – patent prosecution and Inter Partes Review proceedings related to medical devices
  • American television provider – U.S. district court litigation involving semiconductor components
  • Rechargeable battery provider – U.S. district court and Inter Partes Review proceedings related to rechargeable battery technology
  • Multinational conglomerate companies – patent application drafting and prosecution service
  • Prestigious research universities – patent prosecution and patent licensing related to high-tech technologies