Andrea Moore Stover


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P: +1.512.322.2695
F: +1.512.322.3695

Electric Regulatory

  • Represented electric utilities in numerous contested base rate and fuel reconciliation proceedings at the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT), SOAH and the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission.
  • Represented electric utilities in numerous CCN proceedings at the PUCT and SOAH involving approval of hundreds of miles of transmission lines.
  • Represented electric utility in rulemaking proceedings at the PUCT.
  • Advised utility clients regarding facilities extension and interconnection agreements.
  • Represented parties in disputes with Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT).
  • Represented a private transmission line owner in Competitive Renewable Energy Zone (CREZ) CCN Proceedings.
  • Represented an electric utility in appeals of PUCT decisions including base rate proceedings and other contested cases.
  • Represented electric utilities in other contested case proceedings at the PUCT and SOAH.
  • Advised and represented oil and gas companies regarding interconnection issues with electric utilities.

Water Regulatory

  • Represented municipal water utility in wholesale rate dispute and service territory disputes.
  • Represented large industrial client in water rate dispute.
  • Counseled a variety of clients on PUCT regulatory issues.

Other Regulatory

  • Represented a homeowners insurance company in rate proceedings at the Texas Department of Insurance and SOAH.
  • Represented and advised clients in a variety of Public Information Act (Open Records) matters.