Laura Shoemaker


Laura Shoemaker


P: +1.713.229.1860 F: +1.713.229.7860
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Laura helps clients navigate all questions that arise over the life of a lawsuit: from pre-litigation assessment of risk to post-litigation judgment recovery. She represents clients in a broad range of complex litigation matters, including commercial disputes, energy litigation, and breach of contract matters.

Laura has experience in various stages of litigation: from filing or answering a lawsuit, to serving and responding to discovery,  to taking depositions, to arguing pre-trial motions, to briefing dispositive motions.

The reliability and enthusiasm Laura brings to a team is further evidenced by her active pro bono practice. She recently argued for a petition for nondisclosure in local state court to expunge her client's record of past offenses, and regularly argues on her client's behalf at oral hearings.