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Munir Saadi

Munir Saadi is a member of the firm's Global Projects group, where he represents both domestic and foreign companies in a broad range of energy-related transactions and projects. Munir has extensive experience with a wide variety of complex projects with an emphasis on construction, including design and development matters for green-field and brown-field projects both in the U.S. and internationally. Munir's experience with construction matters includes actively drafting, negotiating and advising clients with respect to EPC and EPCm agreements, design-build contracts, stand-alone agreements for design and construction services, at-risk construction management agreements and agreements for preliminary design/construction services. Munir regularly advises developers and owners of utility-scale power generating facilities and storage systems across the U.S., as well as a broad range of other developments, including large-scale commercial projects, multi-family residential complexes, religious centers, museums and research facilities.

Munir's experience with other types of project development agreements includes drafting and advising clients on long-term sale and purchase agreements, participation agreements, common facilities agreements, project operating and maintenance agreements and land acquisition and land use documents.

Related Experience

  • Responsible for drafting and negotiating the EPC contract for the development of a 300MW battery energy storage system in California on behalf of owner-developer client. Assisted in preparation of RFP package for the project and identifying/evaluating initial positions of competing contractor-bidders prior to selection of a single counterparty. After execution of the EPC contract, remained actively involved in assisting the client in administering the contract including by drafting letters and participating in discussions to address purported change order requests and related issues.
  • Responsible for drafting and negotiating the EPC contract for the development of a 100MW expansion to the 300MW battery energy storage system in California.
  • Responsible for drafting and negotiating the EPC Contract for the development of a 260MW battery energy storage system in Texas on behalf of owner-developer client.
  • Assisted in drafting and preparation of an EPC contract and related supply agreements for a large-scale ADN production facility in China.
  • Advised and assisted in the drafting, negotiation and preparation of agreements relating to the renovation and build-out of $300 million project for new office campus facilities in Houston, Texas, for a major U.S.-based petrochemical company, including the agreements for at-risk construction management services and stand-alone design services agreements. Further assisted with related project development and financing documents pertaining to the project, including a participation agreement, lease and related land use documents.
  • Assisted in drafting and negotiation of build-own-operate-transfer agreements for natural gas compressor stations in west Texas and New Mexico.
  • Assisted in preparation and negotiation of architect agreement and at-risk construction management services agreement for the development of a specially-designed religious center in Houston, Texas.
  • Responsible for drafting of a development agreement and related preliminary design and construction services agreements for the development of a major overseas-based chemical production company's U.S. headquarters.
  • Assisted in preparation and negotiation of design/build contracts for several large multi-family residential projects across the U.S., including in California, Texas and Colorado.
  • Assisted in preparation of an EPCm contract, construction services agreement, purchase order form, and design services agreement for the development of an acetic acid production facility and an accompanying expansion of a methanol production plant outside of Houston, Texas.
  • Preparation of an EPC contract and associated operation and maintenance agreement for a 50-megawatt solar power plant in Indiana.
  • Assisted in drafting project development agreements, including LNG sale-and-purchase agreements, joint facilities, operating and maintenance and construction management agreements, as well as equity documents for the Texas-based LNG liquefaction project.
  • Development of agreements for integrated Louisiana-based LNG liquefaction project, including LNG sale and purchase agreements and related project structuring agreements.


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