Gene J. Oshman

Senior Counsel

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P: +1.713.229.1178
F: +1.713.229.7778
  • Transocean Inc. (now Transocean Ltd.) – $58 billion combination with GlobalSantaFe
  • Carrizo Oil & Gas, Inc. - $2.7 billion merger with Callon Petroleum
  • Transocean – $1.1 billion sale of 38 drilling rigs to Shelf Drilling
  • EGL, Inc. – $2 billion sale to affiliate of Apollo/bidding contest with management group
  • Transocean – $267 million merger to acquire publicly held units in Transocean Partners
  • Transocean Partners LLC – IPO
  • Transocean – $9 billion acquisition of R&B Falcon Corporation
  • Transocean – $6.6 billion convertible note offering (the largest convertible note offering at that time) and concurrent $2.5 billion senior note offering. Also, $2.0 billion senior note offering; $1.5 billion senior note offering; $1.3 billion senior note offering; $1.0 billion floating rate note offering; $1 billion common share offering; $865 million zero coupon debenture offering; $400 million convertible debenture offering; Subsidiary offerings: $600 million senior secured note financing; $625 million senior secured note financing; $750 million senior secured note offering; $600 million senior secured note financing
  • Carrizo Oil & Gas, Inc.
      • Public Offerings – $250 million high-yield offering (2017); $650 million high yield note offering with tender offer (2015); $300 million high yield note offering (2012); $300 million "tack-on" (2014); $400 million high yield note offering (2010) and $200 million "tack-on" (2011); $374 million convertible note offering; common stock offerings – (2018, 2016, 2015 two offerings), 2013, 2010 (two offerings), 2008, 2004 and 1997 (IPO); registered direct offering (2007); PIPE offerings (2007 and 2004)
      • Private Equity and other Investor Financings – $250 million preferred stock and warrants (GSO Funds); Barnett Shale Land Bank (undisclosed investor); Convertible Preferred Stock and Warrants (Mellon); Senior Notes, Warrants and Common Stock (JP Morgan Partners); Preferred Stock and Warrants (Enron)
      • Joint Venture Transactions – Eagle Ford (GAIL 2011); Utica (Avista 2011), Marcellus (Reliance – 2010); Marcellus; (Avista – 2008); formation of Pinnacle Gas Resources, Inc. (CSFB and Rocky Mountain Gas)
      • Other M&A Transactions – Devon Energy property acquisition (Delaware Basin); ExL Petroleum property acquisition (Delaware Basin); Eagle Ford purchase transactions; Sanchez Energy (2016); Eagle Ford Minerals (2014); Barnett Shale sale transactions Enervest (2013); KKR (2011); Atlas Resources Partners (2012); Sale of Barnett Shale pipeline (Delphi Midstream Partners) (2009)
  • Chesapeake Energy Corporation - $1.25 billion senior notes offering; $850 million senior notes tack-on offerings, $750 million senior notes offering, $550 million "waterfall" tender offer for senior notes, $750 million "waterfall" tender for senior notes
  • Quanta Services, Inc. – General securities, corporate governance and transactional work; $450 million acquisition of Stronghold Ltd. and affiliates
  • Helix Energy Solutions Group, Inc. – $125 million public offering of 4.25% convertible notes and related tender offer and redemption of outstanding notes
  • EGL, Inc. – $543 million stock merger with Circle International Group, Inc.
  • Proxy fights, including representation of insurgents in Otter Creek/FIC contest, and management in Travis Street/ICO, Inc. contest
  • ICO, Inc. – Cash/stock merger with A. Schulman, Inc.
  • Shelf Drilling Holdings, Ltd. – Initial Purchasers – $600 million offering of senior notes; $300 million tack-on senior notes offering
  • EGL, Inc. – $100 million convertible note offering, Dutch auction self-tender and three equity offerings, including IPO
  • Retail Electric Provider Transactions
  • Champion Energy Marketing LLC – Sale to Calpine (2015)
  • StarTex sale to Constellation (2011)
  • Crane Capital acquisition of Champion Energy (2008) and sale of minority interest in Champion to affiliate of EDF (2010)
  • Edge Petroleum Corporation – Sale to Chaparral Energy, Inc. following exploration of alternatives (later terminated), $276 million concurrent public offerings of convertible preferred and common stock, $58 million common stock offering, stock merger acquisition of Miller Exploration Company, PIPE offering of common stock and warrants, IPO
  • Affiliates of Crane Capital – Debt and warrant placement by logistics company
  • Various clients – Inversion transactions, including Transocean's redomestication to Switzerland and earlier migration to the Cayman Islands and Petroleum Geo-Services' proposed migration
  • TODCO – "Split-off" IPO and three subsequent selling shareholder public offerings by Transocean
  • Transocean – $15 billion bridge loan; $2 billion five-year facility, $1.5 billion 364-day facility
  • Transocean – $1.4 billion exchange offer and consent solicitation, and $400 million tender offer and consent solicitation, each for R&B Falcon notes
  • Transocean – Sale of various rigs and vessels
  • Oak Hill Capital Partners II, L.P./Keystone – Private equity/portfolio investment matters
  • Mesa Limited Partnership/Mesa Inc. – Numerous unsolicited and negotiated M&A transactions, proxy contests and financing transactions
  • Goodrich Petroleum Corporation – Special Committee – Acquisition transactions with affiliates
  • Sanifill, Inc. – $1.6 billion acquisition by USA Waste Services, Inc.
  • Superior Renewable Energy LLC – Sale of wind energy development company to Babcock & Brown Ltd.
  • Hines Real Estate Investment Trust, Inc. – Continuous offerings; IPO and follow-on offering
  • Various investment banks – Numerous underwritings and financial advisor transactions
  • Petroleum Geo-Services ASA – Proposed merger with Veritas DGC Inc.