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Manuel (Bing) Maisog is a transactional attorney with thirteen years of experience living and working in China, and twenty-two years in the Asia-Pacific Region. During that time, he has worked on legal aspects of a great variety of cross-border transactions, ranging from projects to acquisitions to foreign investment in China. The combination of his training as a U.S. lawyer, broad range of transactional experiences, and language capability redounds to the benefit of the firm's clients.

Mr. Maisog started practice immediately after graduating from Harvard Law School as a transactional lawyer at the leading corporate law firm in his hometown of Baltimore, Maryland. In that role, he underwent a thorough and solid overall basic training regimen as a corporate lawyer, gaining experience from participation in such matters as bank mergers and acquisitions, initial public offerings, private securities placements conducted under Regulation D, and establishing and amending corporate charter documents.

After several years, he moved to Hong Kong, after which his work came to focus on cross-border acquisition, financing and construction matters, centered on the power generation sector. This work took place in geographies around the Asia-Pacific region, including Thailand, the Philippines, Taiwan and Malaysia. In 2005 Mr. Maisog moved to Mainland China and developed new and additional focuses on China-related cross-border transactions, as well as on the rapidly emerging new regulatory sectors of personal information protection and cybersecurity.

This overall, broad-based range of corporate and transactional experience gives Mr. Maisog and the Beijing team of Baker Botts an ability to combine smoothly and seamlessly with other lawyers from the firm’s international network of offices to form cross-office, cross-disciplinary teams that can advise clients on the impact of Chinese laws and regulations on their cross-border transactions. Our cross-office teams can create and deliver a blended and often bilingual work product that reflects the perspectives and requirements of both Western and Chinese legal systems.

During his student years, Mr. Maisog studied Chinese at the Stanford Center in Taipei. He has a level of facility with Mandarin that only a decade-long period of continuous residency in China can confer on a foreigner from the West.

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