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Frances Mackay


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Frances Mackay is an intellectual property attorney whose practice focuses primarily on patent infringement litigation and patent prosecution, working under the supervision of registered patent practitioners. Ms. Mackay's background and experience cover a wide range of technologies including artificial intelligence (in particular, neural networks and other machine learning techniques), photonics, video processing tools, telecommunications systems, database and server management tools, railcars, HVAC systems, and oral appliances.

Prior to attending law school, Ms. Mackay worked as a Postdoctoral Fellow in the field of computational condensed matter physics. During her graduate and postgraduate studies, Ms. Mackay authored over a dozen peer-reviewed scientific articles covering a variety of topics including liquid crystal dynamics, highly confined colloidal systems, modeling techniques for fluid dynamics simulations, cancerous tumor growth, disk formation around massive stars, and the interaction between solar wind particles and the earth's magnetosphere.

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