Justine A. Gozzi

Special Counsel

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New York

P: +1.212.408.2598
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  • International medical device company - pharmaceutical and medical device due diligence and FTO clearance work, Orange Book patent analysis, patent prosecution and procurement and opinion writing for multiple transactions.
  • University Institution - Licensing Agreement, Non-Disclosure Agreement, and Joint Development Agreement.
  • Pharmaceutical company - pharmaceutical due diligence and agreement work, Orange Book patent analysis.
  • Global consumer products company - various patent litigation and licensing matters.
  • American packaging company - patent application drafting, prosecution and portfolio maintenance.
  • National fiber solutions company - licensing and litigation matters, patent prosecution, patent application drafting and portfolio maintenance, design clearance.
  • Hardware device company - ITC compliance, due diligence and clearance work, litigation strategy.
  • Clothing and Apparel Retailer - design and product clearance, design litigation.
  • Electrical Device Manufacturing Company - due diligence and clearance work, prosecution and portfolio maintenance.