Matthew Fusina


Matthew Fusina

Washington, D.C.

P: +1.202.639.7782
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LNG Projects & Transactions

Matt has represented clients on over 15 LNG projects, including two large-scale liquefaction projects that have taken FID in the last three years. Matt’s representation has included the following:

  • Sempra Energy – project counsel for Cameron LNG’s expansion and debottlenecking project
  • Sempra Energy – development of Port Arthur LNG Phase 1 and Phase 2 projects
  • U.S. Subsidiary of Japanese Company – project counsel for offtaker and joint venture with respect to interest in operating North American LNG export facility
  • European LNG Company – project counsel for North American floating liquefaction projects utilizing multiple large-scale floating liquefaction vessels
  • Sempra Energy – development of Energía Costa Azul LNG project, the first LNG export project in Mexico
  • Tellurian, Inc. – development of Driftwood LNG liquefaction project
  • Cheniere Energy – development of Sabine Pass and Corpus Christi LNG export facilities, with Sabine being the first LNG export project from the lower 48 states of the U.S.
  • Global Independent Power Producer – development of the Costa Norte LNG receiving terminal in Panama, the first regasification project in Central America
  • U.S. Company – development of floating LNG liquefaction project off West Coast of Africa
  • U.S. Utility – development of a mid-scale island LNG import project utilizing broad distribution of ISO containers and break-bulk LNG imports
  • Jordan Cove Energy Project – development of a North American LNG liquefaction and receiving facility
  • U.S. Energy Corporation – development of Alaskan integrated LNG export project
  • Various Island Power Utilities – represent several island utilities in the Caribbean and Atlantic Basin for small-scale LNG-to-power projects

Energy Transition: Hydrogen, CCUS, Carbon Offsets

  • U.S. Company – project counsel for development of large-scale U.S. e-methane project with consortium of Japanese partners
  • Major Automotive Company – development of hydrogen fueling infrastructure and supply arrangements, including fueling stations for FCEVs
  • U.S. company – development of Geologic Hydrogen projects in MENA region
  • U.S. company – development of large-scale Hydrogen production and storage project in Southwest U.S.
  • U.S. company – development of novel energy optimization services for battery projects that result in first-of-its-kind carbon offset credits
  • U.S. LNG company –development of carbon capture project for sequestration of CO2
  • U.S. LNG company – development of various GHG reporting and mitigation agreements in connection with LNG supply
  • Trading Company – developed bespoke documentation for carbon credit sales from projects related to plugging orphaned wells
  • U.S. Retail Electricity Provider – representation in connection with development of electronic voluntary carbon offset trading platform
  • Various Energy Companies – negotiated various verified emission reduction, carbon offsets and emissions allowances sales arrangements
  • U.S. Pipeline Company – development of bespoke agreement for the sale and purchase of carbon credits related to various GHG mitigation projects
  • U.S. Refinery – advice in connection with hydrogen development and energy transition
  • U.S. Energy Companies – advice in connection with mitigating GHG emissions in pipelines and power production
  • U.S. Company – advice regarding green biofuels and waste-to-power project
  • Mining Conglomerate – advice regarding development of green mining project

Trading & Derivatives

  • U.S. Integrated Power Company – negotiated multi-billion syndicated secured swap portfolio to support treasury undertakings under variety of products
  • Various Energy Companies – negotiated secured swaps in connection with various project financings
  • Various Domestic Energy Companies – advice regarding physical and financial energy trading arrangements and other financing arrangements, including negotiation and preparation of ISDA and NAESB documentation and related agreements
  • Private Equity Companies and Various Non-Energy Companies – advice regarding physical and financial trading arrangements and other financing agreements and securitizations
  • Various Oil and Gas Producers – development of hedge portfolios in connection with secured financings and restructuring hedge portfolios in connection with financial restructurings
  • Various Power Producers – negotiated swap arrangements in connection with power (including various electricity and REC products) and natural gas trading and marketing activities, including HRCOs and tolling arrangements


  • Various U.S. Companies – development of battery storage projects
  • U.S. Project Developer – representation in respect of renewable development portfolio
  • U.S. Utility – development of battery storage and capacity sales arrangements
  • U.S. Retail Electricity Provider – representation in connection with power trading and marketing arrangements
  • U.S. Utility – project counsel for conversion of power plant from coal to natural gas
  • U.S. Power Company – representation in power trading matters