Matthew Fusina

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Washington, D.C.

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Matthew Fusina

Matthew Fusina is a member of the firm's Global Projects Practice where he provides legal counsel on the development and finance of energy and infrastructure projects, both in the United States and internationally. His practice is primarily focused on liquefied natural gas (LNG), natural gas clean hydrogen/ammonia, and CCUS related transactions. Mr. Fusina's extensive LNG experience includes assisting clients developing liquefaction and regasification projects, LNG-to-power projects, and low-carbon LNG arrangements. His work encompasses the entire lifecycle of the project development process, including project structuring, soliciting bids, providing advice on joint venture arrangements, and negotiating commercial, operational and financial agreements.

In addition, Mr. Fusina represents end users and non-dealer counter-parties in a wide variety of derivative and carbon credit transactions, including to hedge various risks, meet carbon targets, monetize assets, and finance acquisitions.

Related Experience

LNG and Natural Gas

  • Sempra Energy – development of Port Arthur LNG and Energía Costa Azul LNG export facilities, including negotiating and drafting of LNG sale and purchase agreements (LNG SPAs), marketing agreements, structuring arrangements and related services and operational agreements
  • Sempra Energy – development of Cameron LNG export facilities, including developing tolling and joint venture arrangements
  • Tellurian, Inc. – development of integrated Driftwood LNG liquefaction project, including developing LNG SPAs and other project documents
  • Cheniere Energy – development of Sabine Pass and Corpus Christi LNG export facilities, including preparation and drafting of LNG SPAs
  • Global Independent Power Producer – development of the Costa Norte LNG receiving terminal in Panama and advice regarding existing import terminal, including drafting and negotiating LNG offtake agreements
  • U.S. Utility – development of an island LNG import project, including negotiation and drafting of an LNG fuel supply agreement and logistics agreement for transportation and distribution of ISO containers of LNG to generation facilities, and related upstream natural gas arrangements
  • Jordan Cove Energy Project – development of a North American LNG liquefaction and receiving facility and negotiation of terminal services agreements for LNG export capacity
  • U.S. Energy Corporation – development of a North American integrated LNG export project, including drafting LNG SPAs and project structuring agreements integrating terminal, pipeline and gas treatment facility
  • Caribbean Utility – representation of offtaker of an island LNG-to power project
  • Atlantic Basin Utility – development of a small-scale island LNG-to-power project
  • U.S. LNG Supplier – representation in connection with an LNG-to-power project in Chile
  • European Utility – negotiation and drafting of LNG SPAs for export of LNG from a U.S. LNG liquefaction project, and advice on related domestic gas sales arrangements
  • Asian Conglomerate – negotiation and drafting of LNG SPAs for export of LNG from a U.S. LNG liquefaction project
  • Various International Energy Marketers – counsel regarding LNG SPAs, terminal use agreements, master sales agreements, gas sale agreements and other commercial agreements in connection with off-take from U.S. LNG export projects

Energy Transition

  • U.S. Refinery – advice in connection with hydrogen development and energy transition
  • U.S. Energy Companies – advice in connection with greening pipelines and power production
  • U.S. Automotive Company – advice in connection with hydrogen fueling infrastructure development
  • U.S. Company – advice regarding green biofuels and waste-to-power project
  • Mining Conglomerate – advice regarding development of green mining project
  • U.S. LNG Companies – advice regarding low-carbon LNG supply chains
  • Solar Company – advice in connection with Texas community solar project including drafting of relevant commercial agreements
  • NRG Energy, Inc. – advice in connection with a $244 million acquisition of 560 MW Cogeneration Plant

Trading and Derivatives

  • U.S. Integrated Power Company – negotiated multi-billion syndicated secured swap portfolio to support treasury undertakings under variety of products
  • Various Energy Companies – negotiated various verified emission reduction, carbon offsets and emissions allowances sales arrangements
  • Various Energy Companies – negotiated secured swaps in connection with various project financings
  • Various Domestic Energy Companies – advice regarding physical and financial energy trading arrangements and other financing arrangements, including negotiation and preparation of ISDA documentation and related agreements
  • Private Equity Companies and Various Non-Energy Companies – advice regarding physical and financial trading arrangements and other financing agreements
  • Various Oil and Gas Producers – development of hedge portfolios in connection with secured financings and restructuring hedge portfolios in connection with financial restructurings
  • Various Power Producers – negotiated swap arrangements in connection with power (including various electricity and REC products) and natural gas trading and marketing activities

Other Development and Finance

  • South American affiliate of a Subsidiary of a Global Independent Power Producer and Mitsubishi Corporation – representation in connection with the project financing of a 472 MW pulverized coal generating facility in Chile
  • U.S. Energy Company – advice regarding refinancing of integrated natural gas processing facility and connecting pipelines in the Middle East
  • International Bank – development of domestic water supply project
  • U.S. Integrated Power Company – advice in connection with acquisition of retailer of energy and energy services


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