Ali Foyt



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Ali Foyt

Ali Foyt advises and represents clients in a broad range of planning and controversy matters related to state and local taxes around the country. Her experience helping clients to plan for state and local tax outcomes includes analysis of property tax valuation methodology, sales and use tax exemptions, and nexus for income tax liability. She regularly defends taxpayers in tax controversy and assists clients with property tax incentive negotiations and strategic multi-state planning.

Related Experience

  • Property tax planning and controversy involving valuation and exemption issues, including litigation research for property valuation methodology
  • Representation of large corporate entities in state sales tax controversies involving tax exemptions for manufacturing, resale, and pollution control
  • Property tax incentive work involving large industrial projects for both major fossil fuels and alternative energy
  • Planning for multi-state asset acquisition transactions
  • Analysis of legislative matters regarding Texas property and sales taxation for development proposals in the fossil fuel and alternative energy industries

Thought Leadership