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Special Counsel

Rob Flaws


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Technology, Digital Transformation and Outsourcing

  • Ministry of Finance (UAE) on the network, system and software procurement arrangements for their development and establishment of an independent tax and revenue department.*
  • Ministry of Education (UAE) on a range of network development, data center facilities management and digital services projects as part of a UAE wide schools upgrade project to transform and develop several public schools as part of an initiative led by his Highness Sheikh Mohammed.*
  • Expo 2020 (UAE) on the network and IT systems procurement arrangements for the integrated 5G and Wi-Fi Network for the entire Expo 2020 site.*
  • Emirates Airlines on the drafting, development, and negotiation of their arrangements with IBM to govern the USD 350 million outsourcing of the operation, support and maintenance of its customer ticketing and online check in platform to IBM.*
  • Amazon UAE LLP on its development of a range of advertising services agreements with key suppliers across the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt for the provision of online advertising and related AdTech services.*
  • Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB) on its multi-million-dollar digital transformation program of its client and customer facing interfaces, KYC and account opening functions.*
  • Deloitte Digital on the development and negotiation of its master services agreement for the sale of project management software to the Qiddiya Investment Company in Saudi Arabia.*
  • Accenture Saudi Arabia on its delivery of IT consultancy services as part of a collaborative joint venture with John Hopkins Medicine.*
  • Saudi Telecom Company on the development of a suite of agreements for the procurement of a range of software and digital services from suppliers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.*
  • Etihad Airlines on its USD 700 million strategic sourcing and digital transformation program with IBM.*
  • Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (du) on the managed services outsourcing of their entire network operations including operation and maintenance services.*
  • Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (UAE) on the development of a suite of agreements for the procurement of a range of facilities management services for network sites.*

Media Licensing, Governance and Regulation

  • Riot Games in respect of advertising, product placement and in game purchase advertising in relation to their broadcasting of esports content across the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.*
  • Spotify on a range of music licensing and purchase arrangements and licensing rights issues across the launch of its platform across the Middle East and Asia.*
  • Sony on the various regulatory structures and key license and censorship requirements around content distribution through an SVoD model in the Middle East.*
  • Walt Disney Company on a major contractual dispute in relation to the agreed promotion and broadcast of a fixed amount of locally derived content across the Discovery channel network and the amendment of several content licensing and acquisition agreements.*
  • DAZN on the planned roll out of its OTT service across the MENA region, advising on regulatory and compliance matters including content standards, advertising compliance, consumer issues, data and payments and local set up.*
  • Les Mills Fitness on music license acquisitions and their planned roll out of a dedicated SVoD fitness channel across the Middle East and Asia, advising on company setup, music rights agency issues, regulatory and compliance matters and product advertising.*
  • Orbit Showtime Network on the development and negotiation of a range of media, advertising and broadcast agreements including exclusive arrangements with leading channels.*
  • Facebook on the regulatory requirements for the publication of an online news stream through and strategic advice on the future management of news content in the Middle East.*
  • Comcast Corporation on specialist corporate regulation aspects of its bid for Sky plc, as well as specialist regulatory and media concentration aspects of its offer to acquire Twenty-First Century Fox across MENA. *
  • Walt Disney Company on the media licensing requirements relevant to their reorganization across MENA following their acquisition of Twenty-First Century Fox.*
  • Paramount Pictures International on the reorganization of Paramount group companies in Southern Europe and the establishment of suitable joint venture arrangements with third parties to govern Paramount’s ongoing product distribution activities.*

Intellectual Property and Portfolio Management

  • MTN advising MTN businesses, subsidiaries and the FinTech start-up MoMo on a range of IP licensing, divestment, and registration issues across a range of territories in MENA.*
  • Chanel on all intellectual property matters throughout the GCC including copyright, design, and trademark rights.*
  • Philips on IP licensing and distribution arrangements for the sale of a range of medical devices across Europe and the Middle East.*
  • DAZN on its IP portfolio and required legal framework and licensing to begin broadcasting across MENA.*
  • Medtronic on IP issues and brand advertising and marketing guidelines for medical devices across MENA .*

Data Protection and Cybersecurity

  • MTN, working as MTN’s interim Data Protection Officer (DPO, advising on the development of MTN’s Group Data Protection Compliance Policy and Cyber Security Policy, completing all necessary filings, registrations, and documentations for MTN Dubai in the DIFC and leading internal training for employees within MTN on their obligations under DIFC, UAE and EU Data Protection Law.*
  • World Bank on the data protection and cybersecurity legislation requirements for the roll out of a quasi-universal basic income as part of a mobile money/e-wallet aid program in the Republic of Sudan.*
  • Tencent on its submissions to the UAE Central Bank regarding exceptions to existing legislation regarding its use of customer financial data and offshore cloud services in accordance with the roll out of its WeChat Pay service.*
  • Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB) on their GDPR compliance and cybersecurity project to ensure all ADIB affiliates across the UAE, Qatar, Iraq, and Sudan use policies, operational methods, and personnel in full compliance with the requirements of the GDPR and forthcoming UAE legislation. *
  • AIG acting as their key client services contact point for cyber breach response advice across the UAE and Saudi Arabia.*
  • Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) on their GDPR compliance project designed to ensure all DMCC organizations and members utilized policies, operational methods, and personnel, which were fully compliant in accordance with the GDPR, regardless of the source of the data.*
  • Lukoil Middle East on the undertaking of a data protection audit, privacy impact assessments (PIAs) and data compliance program in relation to their use and silo of HR data from the EU across their UAE and other GCC offices.*


  • MTN working on a range of advisory matters for MTN’s fintech subsidiary Momo in relation to corporate structure, data center licensing and IP.*
  • Tencent on the legal and regulatory requirements specific to its roll out of WeChat Pay for Chinese tourists visiting selected sites in the UAE and Saudi Arabia. *
  • HSBC Middle East LLP on the legal and regulatory requirements for their development of a mobile wallet service. *
  • Payfort on the UAE Central Bank’s position on the use of cryptocurrencies for online transactions.*
  • MasterCard on relevant best practice in relation to the use, transfer, and storage of transaction data for their new mobile wallet service in the UAE.*
  • Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB) on the development of a software knowledge lab in partnership with a U.S. IT services provider for the development of their Digital Transformation Project here in the UAE.*

*Prior to joining Baker Botts