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  • TeleSign Corp. v. Twilio, Inc. (N.D. Cal.) – Invalidated all four asserted patents under § 101, received judgment in favor of Twilio under Rule 12(c). Competitor suit involving two-factor authentication technology.
  • Realtime Adaptive Streaming LLC v. ARRIS Solutions, Inc. (D. Colo.) – Lead associate defending ARRIS in a two-patent case relating to video compression. After a favorable claim construction ruling and institutions of IPRs on both asserted patents, the district court granted a stay. The IPRs are pending.
  • Intellectual Ventures II v. AT&T (W.D. Tex.) – Lead associate defending AT&T in a sixteen-patent case relating to DSL technology.
  • Realtime Data LLC v. Teradata Operations, Inc. (C.D. Cal.) –Transferred case from the Eastern District of Texas and received a stay in the Central District of California when the PTAB instituted several IPR petitions on the asserted patents, which relate to data compression.
  • ContentGuard Holdings, Inc. v. Amazon.com, Inc. (E.D. Tex.) – Defended Huawei in a multi-defendant case involving nine patents generally directed to digital rights management technology used on smartphones and tablets. Baker Botts also represented Samsung in the case, and, together with Google, received a non-infringement verdict that covered all of the Android Defendants. The non-infringement verdict obviated the need for a trial against Huawei.
  • Custom Media Technologies, LLC v. AT&T (D. Del) – Received dismissal of plaintiff's claims prior to a Markman hearing and only a few months after taking the case over from previous counsel.
  • Dragon IP v. Apple, Inc., et al. (D. Del) – Received favorable claim construction ruling and judgment of non-infringement on all claims, which was affirmed by the Federal Circuit on appeal.
  • Carrier Corp. v. Goodman Global et al. (D. Del.) – Overturned adverse jury verdict in post-trial motions in competitor case involving software controls for HVAC technology.
  • Realtime Data LLC v. CME Group, Inc., et al. (S.D.N.Y.) – Defended the CME Group case involving five patents directed to the use of data compression and encoding techniques in the financial services market. Received summary judgment of non-infringement in CME's favor, which was affirmed by the Federal Circuit on appeal.