Lauren J. Dreyer

Special Counsel

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Washington, D.C.

P: +1.202.639.7823
F: +1.202.639.1153
  • TeleSign Corporation v. Twilio Inc. (N.D. Cal., C.D. Cal., Fed. Cir.): Represented Twilio, both defensively and offensively, in competitor litigation against TeleSign relating to two-factor authentication. Representation included Federal Circuit appeal, obtaining affirmance of case-dispositive order finding patents ineligible under Section 101. Lauren prepared substantial portions of the Section 101 briefing, both at district court and on appeal.
  • Power Integrations, Inc. v. ON Semiconductor Corp. (Fed. Cir.): Represented ON Semiconductor in numerous inter partes review appeals involving power converters, which included issues of first impression involving statutory interpretation of 35 U.S.C. § 315(b) on statutory bars to real parties-in-interest filing IPR petitions. Lauren was responsible for the briefing on statutory interpretation and other technical issues and argued this issue before the Federal Circuit.
  •, Inc. v. AT&T (N.D. Cal., D. Nev., Fed. Cir.): Defended AT&T from initial complaint alleging almost $2 billion in damages relating to voice-over-IP communications by securing final judgment of patent ineligibility under Section 101. Lauren led the day-to-day activities of the team and spearheaded the Section 101 briefing, both at district court and on appeal. Obtained Federal Circuit affirmance of case-dispositive order finding all patents ineligible under Section 101.
  • Vertical Connection Technologies, LLC v. AT&T (E.D.N.Y., PTAB): Represented AT&T in district court against complaint alleging infringement of patent related to wi-fi calling. Lauren steered the invalidity strategy and prepared the inter partes review petitions, which prompted plaintiff to drop the case under favorable terms.
  • Intellectual Ventures I LLC v. Ericsson (E.D. Tex.): Represented Ericsson and T-Mobile in pre-trial and post-trial motions and briefing and appellate strategy relating to LTE base stations and VoLTE. Lauren oversaw the submission of jury instructions, verdict forms, post-trial briefing and argued the charge conference before Judge Gilstrap.
  • Advanced Media Network v. AT&T (Fed. Cir.): Represented AT&T as appellee in Federal Circuit appeal, granting affirmance of summary judgment of noninfringement. Lauren advised on appellate strategy and prepared substantial portions of the briefing.
  • Represented medical device and software company as respondent in ITC investigation, in which a favorable outcome was received after trial. Lauren examined a key technical witness at trial and served as second-chair of the cross-examination of expert witnesses involving invalidity, noninfringement, and technical domestic industry. She also took and defended depositions, developed witness statements, drafted motions, and prepared pre- and post-trial briefing.*
  • Represented medical device company as defendant in district court litigation. Lauren argued portions of claim construction during the Markman hearing and managed day-to-day activities of the team, including preparing claim construction briefing, handling over 20 fact and corporate depositions, and working with technical and damages experts in developing expert reports. Lauren also oversaw the development of multiple IPR petitions, each of which were instituted by the PTAB for every challenged ground on every asserted claim.*
  • Represented numerous financial and trading institutions regarding software issues, including issues relating to patent eligibility under 35 U.S.C. § 101. Lauren’s experience includes strategic counseling and prosecution, prosecuting and defending patents in covered business method reviews before the PTAB involving Section 101, and appeals before the Federal Circuit.*
  • Represented major digital camera manufacturer as defendant in district court litigation. Lauren led a joint defense group of nearly 50 defendants in developing defenses, including preparing a motion for summary judgment on patent ineligibility under Section 101, which was granted by the district court and ultimately affirmed by the Federal Circuit.*
  • Represented semiconductor company in arbitration concerning joint development agreement, favorable mediation and settlement was granted. Lauren led the expert discovery on damages, worked with the damages expert on developing multiple expert reports, and prepared mediation briefing.*
  • Represented major car manufacturer as respondent in ITC investigation related to GPS navigation systems, resulting in complainant’s voluntary termination of investigation during discovery. Lauren led the technical analysis for the asserted patents, including noninfringement, invalidity, and domestic industry and developed reexaminations that resulted in a stay of the corresponding district court cases.*
  • Lauren’s pro bono experience includes cases and appeals involving veterans disability benefits, asylum, criminal defense, and landlord-tenant disputes.

*Matter handled prior to joining Baker Botts