Kristin Cope


Kristin Cope


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  • Served as trial counsel and appellate advisor for one of the world's largest oil and gas companies against $1.4 billion damages claims for trade secret misappropriation and tortious interference in a hostile forum. Trial resulted in a favorable outcome for the client, and was profiled in Forbes and Bloomberg.
  • Served as appellate counsel for aerospace contractor following jury verdict of $38 million in contract dispute. Adverse verdict was overturned on appeal.
  • Represented major telecommunications company in defense against patent, trade secret, and copyright claims relating to mobile phones and virtual reality technologies.
  • Defended real estate investment fund and investment manager in dispute with development partner. Granted complete defense award (including attorneys’ fees) in JAMS arbitration.
  • Represented major food and beverage company on trade secret, patent, contract breach, and business tort claims. Total summary judgment was upheld on appeal.
  • Defended a major exploration and production energy company against class action claims brought by oil and gas royalty owners. Led joint defense efforts to receive dismissal by the district court which was affirmed by the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals.
  • Defended major technology company in arbitration of dispute over development of complex software systems, was granted favorable client outcome.
  • Represented large bank in defense against petition for writ of mandamus.
  • Served as counsel for major accounting firm in dispute involving accounting malpractice and negligence actions and enforcement of motion to compel arbitration.
  • Represented consumer reporting agency in numerous consumer protection and Fair Credit Reporting Act matters, including proposed class actions and identity theft claims and cases in multiple federal courts.

Pro Bono

  • Served as co-counsel for Veterans of Foreign Wars and assisted with amicus brief that was cited 12 times in the plurality and concurring opinions of the United States Supreme Court (Salazar v. Buono, 130 S. Ct. 1803 (2010)).
  • Appointed as lead counsel in habeas case regarding unconstitutional sentencing; received grant of habeas relief and remand for full resentencing.
  • Represented Knights of Columbus to support protection of Knights’ war memorial on federal land.
  • Appointed as lead counsel for Michigan prisoner in civil rights case regarding denial of necessary medical care.