Dr. Nicholas Contento

Patent Agent

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Nicholas Contento

Dr. Nicholas ("Nick") Contento is a Patent Agent in the firm's Dallas office with a primary focus on patent drafting and prosecution. He has leveraged his extensive multidisciplinary research experience to draft and prosecute patent applications related to a variety of technical areas related to artificial intelligence, computer vision, image acquisition and processing equipment, digital content management and distribution, material science, wearable devices, analytical instrumentation, medical devices, electrochemical energy storage devices, and oilfield technology.

Prior to joining Baker Botts, Nick worked in a variety of collaborative research environments, tackling problems at the intersection of chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, material science, and biology.

Nick was an NRC Postdoctoral Fellow at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), where he built microsensor arrays with individually temperature-controllable sensors. Example applications of these sensor arrays included enzyme-mediated electrochemical sensing (e.g., for temperature-controlled glucose sensing) and DNA detection. He was also a Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of Notre Dame, where he was part of an interdisciplinary team developing new microfluidic tools to probe the effects of mechanical and electrical stimulation on living tissues. Nick's PhD work focused on the use of electrochemical detection inside micrometer and nanometer-sized channels or pores. Such structures have potential uses in point-of-care medicine, wearable devices, and so-called lab-on-chip devices. As an undergraduate, Nick synthesized drug- and dye-doped therapeutic/diagnostic (theranostic) nanoparticles and studied their effectiveness for cancer detection and treatment using in vitro models. Nick has published his findings in peer-reviewed scientific journals.