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CCPA Compliance and Enforcement

Speeches & Presentations

Moderators, TechGC, Privacy Virtual Forum: The GC's Role in Operationalizing Privacy At Home and Abroad



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Austin Chamber of Commerce - Remote to Reopening

On Tuesday, May 18 Baker Botts Partner, Cynthia J. Cole and Special Counsel, Christina Andersen will lead a discussion on Remote to Reopening - Returning to operations in the COVID-19 era hosted by the Austin Chamber of Commerce.

TechGCx Private Lunch and CLE

On July 25th, Baker Botts sponsored the TechGCx Private Lunch + CLE and presented an interactive discussion on “Maximizing Impact In-house.”

Marketplace Risk Management Conference

Join Amy Conway-Hatcher and Cynthia Cole on May 22 at the Marketplace Risk Management Conference to discuss topics most relevant for web and mobile marketplace technology companies in the sharing, on-demand, gig, peer-to-peer and collaborative economy.

Fearless Entrepreneurs: Unstoppable & Extraordinary

The Northwestern Pritzker School of Law, Kellogg School of Management and Northwestern Alumni Association will host “Fearless Entrepreneurs: Unstoppable & Extraordinary,” at Northwestern University’s San Francisco Office on March 8, at 6pm PT.