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Washington, D.C.

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  • Electric transmission developer – permitting of a major transmission project before DOE and the Army Corps; advice on Presidential Permit, National Environmental Policy Act, Clean Water Act, Endangered Species Act and Rivers and Harbors Appropriation Act issues
  • Merchant electric generation company – AAA arbitration of dispute with electricity purchaser over terms of a tolling agreement
  • Electric generation company – agreement for new fuel supply facilities; agreement regarding payment obligations during force majeure event
  • Major electric power company – multi-state energy regulatory diligence reviews in connection with potential acquisition
  • Major electric power company – DOE loan guarantee application in connection with a renewable energy project
  • Electric generation company – electric supply arrangement for wind farm project
  • Electric transmission owner group – Order No. 1000 compliance proceedings before FERC
  • Electric power trader company – FERC enforcement investigation
  • Electric generation company – state reliability standards compliance proceeding

Natural Gas

  • Natural gas marketing company – protest of pipeline’s tariff and practices before FERC and negotiation of settlement
  • Natural gas marketing company – negotiation of interstate pipeline anchor shipper agreement
  • Major oil and gas company – advice on DOE and FERC regulatory and policy issues associated with investment in LNG liquefaction and export facilities
  • LNG import terminal project developers – permitting of an LNG import terminal before FERC, the Army Corps and the Coast Guard; Coastal Zone Management Act appeals before Commerce; federal circuit court appeals and defense of suit in federal district court regarding FERC Section 3 authorizations and National Environmental Policy Act, Clean Water Act and Coastal Zone Management Act issues
  • Natural gas producer group – natural gas pipeline Section 4 rate case proceeding before FERC
  • Natural gas local distribution company group – natural gas pipeline Section 5 rate investigation before FERC
  • Natural gas pipeline developer – gas quality proceedings before FERC

Oil, Mining & Other Matters

  • International mining company – dispute over extent of coal assets classifiable under the JORC Code
  • Crude oil shipper – litigation of Interstate Commerce Act rate issues
  • Crude oil midstream company – representation before the Commodity Futures Trading Commission and the Federal Trade Commission in connection with investigation proceedings
  • Major financial institutions – due diligence reviews in connection with public equity and registered debt offerings by major oil and natural gas limited partnerships