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Making Remote Work at Baker Botts: Jonathan Shapiro

The COVID-19 pandemic is having far-reaching implications on many aspects of our lives – including where we work. As offices and other organizations across the country have closed, Jonathan Shapiro has found a way to make remote “work.”

How has the transition been to working at home? What have you noticed has been harder/easier? 

Transition to WFH has gone well, we actually are all getting along well, certainly exceeding my own diminished expectations.   It is a full house, my husband plus the next generation (ages 13- 21), a dog (Willie) and tortoise (Torty).  I’m touched by how everyone has stepped up the respect and kindness.  We have celebrated three shelter-in-birthdays and have another in June.  I bought my now-21y/o son his first beer from the fridge (Pacifico).     

Tell us about your new office space – what do you like better, or is there anything you miss? 

My office space has moved around a bit.  I started downstairs, where the Wi-Fi is stronger, but I was distracting three kids in Zoom school.  I then relocated to our bedroom, which is less disruptive and occasionally co-spaced with Willie.  I splurged on a no-name webcam, which sits on a cardboard box, and a new plastic plant.  Some days I miss the engagement with and distraction by colleagues, and really could use an industrial-grade printer, copier, and a more reliable stapler.   But to be clear, I can confidently say that we are delivering excellent team service from any location, including my bedroom. 

 If you’ve taken on an ‘teaching’ role for your kids – what are some tips that have worked for you?

I have taken on a new role with my high school junior, although its less teaching and more teammate on the college search.  We were supposed to do college tour during spring break, but now buddy up on endless “virtual campus tours” and send in questions during live “open houses.”   We are celebrating the end of the SAT and ACT.  

Do you have a go-to activity to help you de-stress or relax?

We are doing a variety of things to de-stress, distract, and entertain.  Back patio boot camp. Urban hikes masked and socially distanced.     

What are you binge watching or listening to now that you have time?  

This week: Mrs. America, Replay 2018 World Cup finals, and House of Games (David Mamet, 1987).  Just started Erik Larson’s new Winston Churchill book, which is long.

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