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Contests, Sweepstakes Law: Not just Fun and Games

Doreen Costa

IP Law360 recently featured a guest column by Doreen Costa focusing on the federal laws and regulations that come into play when tempting Lady Luck.


In her article, “Contests, Sweepstakes Law: Not Just Fun and Games,” New York intellectual property partner Doreen Costa discusses the legal requirements for conducting a contest or sweepstakes and for selling travel-related services. There is a labyrinth of state and federal regulations to consider when creating or promoting contest and sweepstakes that could result in more financial penalties than a vacation to Tahiti.


Costa continues on to highlight the legal intricacies for the sale of travel services and varying state and federal regulations involved. From registering as a SOT (“Seller of Travel”) to refunds and cancellations, prospective sellers should be aware of the pertinent regulations and follow them closely.


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More information on Ms. Costa is here.