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Bob Wright, a Global Projects partner in Houston, recently presented “Developing Land Issues” at WINDPOWER 2008, the world’s largest wind industry event. Mr. Wright’s presentation begins with the importance of co-existing with mineral development, who owns those rights and the protective documentation that can be sought as developers work to bring wind power to market. He also discovers a topic receiving much current attention, the severance of wind rights from land ownership and some of the issues that can be involved. Finally, his presentation provides a description of some of the claims brought to bear in wind nuisance suits, as well as a brief overview of some of the cases in Texas and other states that have dealt with these specific claims.


Mr. Wright’s practice is concentrated in commercial real estate and industrial transactions. He has substantial experience in wind farms, power plants and other large-scale industrial projects. He represents clients in a wide range of matters of environmental significance to projects involving real estate.


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More  information on Mr. Wright is available here.