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Bart Showalter, partner, discusses Cost of Patent Litigation

Bart Showalter, a partner in the firm’s Intellectual Property practice, gave a presentation earlier this year on “Cost of Patent Litigation” at the 2nd Annual Advanced Patent Litigation Course, State Bar of Texas, in Lake Tahoe. Mr. Showalter’s presentation focused on the causes of increased patent litigation and the rising costs of this litigation. Mr. Showalter discussed factors that increase litigation cost and solutions for better cost management.

Mr. Showalter’s practice includes all aspects of intellectual property law, with a particular emphasis on patent litigation, procurement, and licensing in the electronics, telecommunications, and software fields. With broad expertise in a number of areas, Mr. Showalter provides strategic counsel to clients developing innovative computer software, semiconductor devices, optical systems, data networks, wireless infrastructure, business methods, transmission systems, medical devices, graphics processors, military and commercial aircraft, automated industrial equipment, and many other technologies.

To read Mr. Showalter’s presentation on “Cost of Patent Litigation”, please click here.


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