M&A and Merger Control in the Energy Sector - Examining the Prospects for Future Deals in the U.S. and EU

Baker Botts Webinar

Baker Botts will be hosting a webinar that examines the relevant trends and developments in M&A and merger control that are particularly relevant to companies in the energy sector.  This will include a discussion on:

  • trends in antitrust enforcement, including the E.On/Innogy and other recent clearance decisions in Europe, and the US antitrust and political environments;
  • practical aspects in considering energy transactions, such as mechanisms for bridging valuation gaps, provisions in purchase agreements, and clean team application;
  • the effects of higher oil prices on deal flow and enforcement agencies’ substantive review of deals in traditional energy sectors; and
  • how deals in respect of renewables, alternative energy sources, battery/energy storage, and other sources have fared with antitrust regulators.

Baker Botts speakers will include Efren Acosta, Tom Fina and David Cardwell.

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2021 Oklahoma Public Company School

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