Baker Botts Webinar Series Part 1: Blockchain: Beyond the Financial Services Sector

New York

Blockchain (or distributed ledger) technologies are here. Some may argue whether this is a paradigm-shifting change like the internet, or simply a solution in search of a problem. But our employees are talking about them, researching them, and looking to implement them in new and interesting ways, particularly in the Intellectual Property space.

That means it is more important than ever that in-house counsel understand the basics on how blockchain technology works and how applications, like cryptocurrency, may affect their existing business model and competitive markets, and how blockchain technologies can become an asset to a company's portfolio.


  1. How Blockchain Works
  2. How Governments Treat the Use of Blockchain as Cryptocurrency
  3. Challenges to Blockchain that Have Arisen Like Regulatory Action Surrounding Initial Coin Offerings (“ICOs”)
  4. Applications of Blockchain, Like Smart Contracts, in the Intellectual Property Space



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