Cyber Security and the looming impact of GDPR


Widely publicized cyber-attacks are becoming an almost daily occurrence and represent a whole new world of risk for companies. Attacks of this nature can have significant financial and reputational implications, not to mention the widespread corporate disruption they can cause. There are many steps that companies can take to address and mitigate the risks, and respond appropriately when a compromise occurs.

A particular area of interest for companies in the Middle East is the European General Data Protection Regulation which comes into force in May 2018. The GDPR will fundamentally alter the data privacy landscape in the European Economic Area. It has extra-territorial effect and applies to all who have operations in the EEA. All companies need to review their internal compliance procedures and ensure "data protection by design".

In the session we will cover topics including:

  • Effective legal strategies to mitigate risk
  • Legal duties of directors and officers 
  • The impact of the new General Data Protection Regulation 

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